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Bridging the Knowledge Gap with AI: The ChatGPT Advantage

After reading about the possibilities of how AI and BMIs could revolutionise problem-solving and transform industries, I couldn’t help but think about how ChatGPT, right now, is doing something similar, albeit on a smaller scale. It makes everyday life easier and more productive.

One of the coolest features of ChatGPT is that it allows to quickly close those “10-second knowledge gaps” that can complicate our everyday lives. You know the kind of thing I’m talking about – those fleeting moments of uncertainty that crop up from time to time, when we need to find a quick answer to a question, but we don’t know where to turn.

ChatGPT: Your Personal Assistant for All Knowledge Gaps

Like when you’re trying to find a specific setting on an app, or can’t remember the shortcut to do the thing you need. These may seem like trivial problems but when they pile up, they can unnecessarily complicate life.

Sure, you could always do a traditional search, but we all know that can be an exercise in futility. As it often means wading through irrelevant results, dodging pop-ups, and skimming through an SEO-optimized text to finally realise that the article is not even remotely helpful!

That’s where I found ChatGPT can be very helpful. You simply ask a question and get a quick, (most of the time) accurate response. It’s like having a personal assistant who knows everything from the intricacies of quantum cryptography to the best substitute for mustard in a marinade and can even help you to identify that jellyfish you saw on the beach (just describe it detailed enough!)

This accessibility and convenience not only saves time and energy but also sparks curiosity and inspires to learn more about the world. For instance, I was able to identify a harmonograph device just by describing to ChatGPT. I couldn’t imagine how I would’ve found the name of this thing with a traditional search!

However, while ChatGPT is certainly helpful, I think it’s important to use it as a tool to enhance our natural abilities rather than relying on it to do all the heavy lifting. I am concerned about outsourcing cognitive abilities to technology. It is very important for humans to actively engage our brains and challenge ourselves to solve problems on our own, even if it takes more time and effort.

Of course, this brings the question – where do we draw the line between using technology as a helpful tool and becoming overly reliant on it? As always with such questions there is no one-fits all solution here, and the answer lies in finding a balance that works for each of us individually.

All being said, I truly believe that ChatGPT can help us become more productive and curious. By using it as a tool to augment our natural abilities, we can do better as a species and continue to learn and grow as individuals for the benefit of all.

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