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Author: Olga

Pytest explained

Quick ref pytest will execute all the files of format test_* or *_test in the current directory and subdirectories. It requires the test function names to start with test. pytest -v for verbose output pytest -q, –quiet less verbose pytest…

Jinja templates: Basics

Basic Jinja templates syntax {% … %} Statements. Add control flow and looping inside the templates {{ … }} Expressions. Evaluate expression, variable or function call {# … #} Comments # … ## Line Statements {% raw %} {% endraw…

Plotly Dash essentials

Some useful links for Dash app development Development Plotly graphs Plotly fundamentals Plotly express, plotly express API Basic charts Plotly maps Scatter Plots on Mapbox Styling graphs, styling templates Plotly colorscales Plotly. Discrete colors Dash Plotly graphs in Dash example…

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